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Prisons: It happens in UK too. There was a minor furore a few years ago about Wilkinsons using v cheap prison labour to pack boxes. Freedom (anarchist newspaper, now sadly defunct) covered it. Our Western lives simply cannot be sustained without slavery; either here, in far away countries (out of sight) or the fascinating concept of "energy slaves".

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Jeez, I've learned a lot more since I wrote that post. I didn't know about Wilko but a particular publishing has had prisoners process returned books and airlines have used UK prisoners to clean their headsets. Another source explains that British prisons legally aren't allowed to use prison labour to compete on the open market but can get inmates to make supplies for other prisons: hundreds of thousands of boxer shorts was the example I read. If it's illegal here, I'm sure Wilko and other firms have found a lucrative loophole. It's despicable and truly infuriating. I'll post quotes to the blog soon from the two recent books I read.

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